HPQ is as rare as regular quartz is common.

High Purity Quartz, commonly known as HPQ, is naturally characterized by an extremely low concentration of impurities giving an element composed of pure silicon and oxygen. Once reduce to sand size and then purified, it is used by advanced technology industries in numerous applications

such as the solar panels, semiconductors, batteries, lamp tubing, optics, glass manufacturing and many others, HPQ has become a smart mineral essential to the growth of different markets.


Baie-Johan-Beetz Deposit: a game changing propriety.

Pal Quartz deposit situated in Canada, in the locality of Baie-Johan-Beetz in the province of Quebec, has the potential to change the entire HPQ industry. The quantity and the quality of the HPQ deposit can not only be compared to majors proprieties being exploited around the world, it also exceed numbers of them through different characteristics that will enable a more than profitable exploitation.


An opportunity to become a leader of a growing market